technical support

Which software and hardware do you need in order to apply online?
Please make sure that the browser’s pop-up blockers and any antivirus programs, etc. are deactivated. JavaScript must be enabled.

Which browsers are supported?
All commercially available browsers can be used.

I am supposed to clear the cache of my browser, so that I can see the status of my Career Cockpit. How do I do that?
Please follow the steps below to empty the cache:

  • Start/open your browser
  • Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+Del’ on your keyboard
  • Check the ‘Cache’ box
  • Then click ‘OK’

Restart the browser and log back into your Career Cockpit.

Why are some features not fully displayed?
The application only works correctly if all the fonts and input elements in the browser and operating system are set to normal size. Large fonts and enabled input assistants may cause changes to the layout and result in the incomplete display of some features.